Toni K

Toni Kankare

044 5010210

Toni is in charge of project development and construction at NB. Toni has worked in project development his entire career. He know everything about residential and office building projects. Before NB, Toni was the CCO at Lehto Group Oyj and a member of the management team. Before that, he worked as Project Development Director at SRV.

Toni has a Master’s degree in Science of Engineering with a focus on industrial engineering, which is evident in his strong commercial competence. One of Toni’s greatest strengths is the extensive network he has in the real estate and construction sector.

In his free time Toni is the chauffer for his children, taking them to their hobbies, but in the summer he turns the car around to the summer house in Somero. Toni also enjoys jogging and running marathons.