Our goal is the smaller carbon foot print on the market and to have sustainability as part of our every day at work.


Sustainable, beautiful and functional construction does not have to be more expensive for the home owner, on the contrary. Sustainability in N&B homes is based on a four-pillared concept that helps reduce both emissions and living costs.

Ecological buildings

Our goal is the smallest carbon footprint in the market

Sustainability in N&B Homes consists four areas: environmental factors during construction, solutions that increase sustainability during living time, everyday guidance for residents, and the opportunity to compensate the remaining carbon footprint. This way we can minimize the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle of the building.

We minimize construction and building's life cycle carbon footprint with optimized design solutions and resource-wise material choices. Optimized design solutions mean more sustainable material and building technology solutions that minimize construction emissions and maximize energy efficiency during living.

The energy class of the houses is A and the outside areas are designed to be lush and comfortable by planting plenty of vegetation that honours the diversity of Nordic nature and sequesters carbon.

Green energy & recycling

Cost savings with green energy solutions

Low energy costs translate to more affordable housing costs. Sustainable choices can be seen concretely in everyday life in the use of renewable energy, in the form of a waste disposal point that enables comprehensive recycling, and in guiding residents to a sustainable lifestyle.

Recycling & circular economy

Versatile recycling

In N&B homes, recycling has been made easy. You have room to sort the materials at home and extensive recycling points are available at every location.


Guidance for sustainable lifestyle

The N&B app guides you toward a sustainable lifestyle. By following our recommendations on electricity and water consumption every day, you save on energy costs. You can see your own consumption in the app, so you can monitor the impact of your lifestyle on consumption almost in almost real time.

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