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N&B Homes

Beautiful and sustainable N&B homes are full of considered details. Our design is based on a five-pillared philosophy.

Coming up

First next generation N&B homes will be launched in 2023

We will offer new N&B homes in the most sought-after locations Lauttasaari, Tapiola and Helsinki downtown in the upcoming years. Join N&B Family, so you will hear first about our new locations and have the best chance to get the apartment you want.

The description below applies to the upcoming next generation of our apartments.

Pillar 1/5 of our philosophy


Scandinavian architecture which respects the spirit of the neighbourhood is the corner stone of our design philosophy.

Inspiring constructing

Comprehensive, detailed architecture

For each location, we choose an architect who makes the best use of the area's identity and respects its original architectural idea.

Natural, beautiful and durable building materials create a timeless Nordic design for Newil&Bau's residential buildings.

The beauty continues deeper than the surface: the large windows maximize the amount of light and sense of space. The view directions are carefully considered. The spacious balconies serve as an additional room well into autumn.

Efficient floor plans and underfloor heating optimize the use of space indoors. The houses are characterized by their large windows and impressive entrance halls.

The lobby areas

Hotel-like entrance to your home

A wonderful entrance hall makes arriving home feel festive. The stunning and beautifully lit lobby makes residents and guests feel welcome on arrival. Stylish door handles, light fixtures and guidance signs bring a finished, hotel-like feel to your home building's general interior.

Pillar 2/5 of our philosophy


A good everyday life also extends beyond the walls of the house. Beauty and functionality play an important role in guiding the work of our landscape architects as well. They complete the home circle by integrating the buildings into their surroundings and creating a framework for greenery and enjoyment.

Aesthetically pleasing

A yard that invites you

In our yards, beauty is combined with comfort and functionality all year round. Vegetation and lighting change with the rhythm of the seasons. In summer, the yard blooms with colors, and in winter, evergreen plants and atmospheric lighting create the atmosphere.

Covered pergolas bring people together and enable cooking and parties well into autumn. The living areas are divided so that social activities and relaxation have their space but there is also room to move and play.


  • Aesthetically attractive and green regardless of the season
  • Atmospheric lighting and walkways
  • Living spaces are divided into getting together and relaxation
  • Covered barbecue area or pergola
  • Durable and easy-care materials

Lush greenerySitting area

Around the year

Pleasant to use & easy to maintain

Artfully lit walkways make walking around the yard pleasant and safe even at the darkest time of the year. Materials that save maintenance costs and nature have been chosen for the walkways.

Pillar 3/5 of our philosophy


N&B's interior design concepts are designed for everyday life so that the apartment works when you live there. The balanced styles and high-quality materials make the home feel beautiful even after decades.

Always at N&B home

Fresh and bright apartments

The architect has already taken into account when planning the floor plans that N&B homes can be customized to your own look with curated interior styles and product choices.

Efficient apartment floors and underfloor heating optimize the use of space, and large bright windows bring the scenery into the interior. The apartments always have adjustable heating and ventilation, as well as readiness for an efficient air heat pump.

Customizing an N&B home

At N&B Studio, you customize your home to your own liking

Newil&Bau homes are customized to your own look in the digital design studio, where you can see what your choices look like in our model home. In N&B Studio, you can try interior styles, make product choices and save your plans for your future home.

We will tell you when the apartment selections need to be finalized and confirmed. Before that, you can modify and feel your choices in peace.

Customizable colors and materials

Surfaces make a space, details a home. What would your home look like?

Warm brown tileMatching materials

Curated interior styles

Choose a style and create a home that looks your own

Customize your home's color palette and floor from options curated by an interior designer. The color palette of your home extends uniformly from wall surfaces to interior doors, baseboards and storage cabinets. If you wish, you can also update your home's door handles, pulls and electrical furniture according to your taste.

Customizable kitchen

White, dark, soft beige or warm oak?

White kitchenKitchen details

Kitchen style

Elegant design kitchens

Newil&Bau kitchens are based on elegant and symmetrical design. Finish the whole thing with faucets, pulls and sinks that match your design.

When it comes to countertops, you can choose exceptionally attractive and wear-resistant quartz or ceramic surfaces, which are made of ecological and easy-care materials.

Kitchen product selections

What kind of elements are part of everyday life and celebrations in your kitchen?

Modern kitchen's counter top continues to the wallLight coloured quartz stone counter top shows beautiful stone structure

Integrated appliances

High-class equipment

Newil&Bau's kitchen appliances are energy efficient and integrated into the interior design.

Upgrade options for home appliances for more demanding use are available in the selection. You can even include the breakfast cupboard or wine cabinet that you always wanted.

Bathroom style options

Soft atmosphere or fresh and light shades? Big or even bigger tiles?

A White bathroom has black floor tilesA dark coloured tile that has natural stone look

Bathroom style

Spa-like bathrooms

Modern understated beauty combined with smooth everyday life. It is the recipe for our bathrooms and toilets. You can focus on beauty in your bathroom choices – we have made sure that beauty is also functional and durable.

You can select readily installed laundry appliances for your homeSiemens laundry machine

Bathroom product selections

Choose a bathroom with pre-installed appliances

More everyday life enhancers: you can choose a pre-installed Siemens washing machine or washing tower for your new home.

N&B Studio

N&B Studio – coming in 2023!

What kind of colors and materials? Try out!

What kind of color and material palette for the kitchen? Or for the surfaces and bathroom? What kind of details complete the home of your dreams? In N&B Studio, you can save your plans and use them later for the N&B home you buy.

See N&B Studio

Pillar 4/5 of our philosophy


Flexible common areas, an easy-to-use digital reservation system, well-designed storage facilities and services that make everyday life smoother, from the mail room to the bike service room, make living in an N&B home almost a luxury.

Flexible shared spaces

Home continues into the common spaces

When you make a purchase decision before building time, you will be one of the first to influence the choice of common spaces in your home. Would you like to complete your new home with a yoga room, club room, remote study room, wine cellar or tinkering space?

Depending on the location, we also implement other spaces in the houses, such as sauna sections or in-house laundries.

The items to be published in 2023 include a selection of conceptualized functions and services.

Services for N&B residents

  • Furnished common spaces
  • Warehouses fitted with apartment size
  • Smart locking
  • Washing station
  • Bike service point
  • Shared car (limited locations)
  • Electric car charging ready
  • Lobby service display
  • Services accessible via N&B App

Building's shared saunaPicture: iLoq

Easy access control

Smart and safe locks in the whole building

The intelligent security management of Newil&Bau houses enables flexible and safe use of common spaces. Reservations paid in advance with the application enable the premises to be locked only for the use of the person who booked them - with your own house key or a one-time use code you have created.

Storage spaceMoving boxes

Flexible storage solutions

Functional, safe storages

In N&B Homes, different life situations have been taken into account in the storage solutions. That's why apartment-specific storage spaces and bicycle spaces are proportional to the number of rooms in the apartment: the bigger the apartment, the bigger the storage.

Mobility services

We take different travel needs into account

Parking possibility in one's own parking garage and electric car charging option for the car owner. Shared car for those who do not need a car all the time. Dedicated facilities for bicycle storage and maintenance. In N&B homes, different ways of mobility have been taken into account.

The services for easy life

The parking slots with charging option

Newil&Bau homes are located near excellent public transport connections. Thee bike service point helps you maintain your bicycles in all year round. Charging electric cars has been taken into account in all buildings that include a parking garage.

N&B App – Coming in 2023!

Resident services in one app

Private bookings for common spaces, resident services, smart home solutions and monitoring your energy consumption are all stored in your N&B App.

See N&B App

Pillar 5/5 of our philosophy


Our goal is to have the lowest enviromental footprint on the market. We strive for on average 250kg smaller carbon emissions per apartment. This is about one third smaller compared to building a new building with conventional means.

Sustainable is beautiful

Our goal is the smallest carbon footprint in the market

Sustainability in N&B Homes consists of four areas: environmentally friendly construction time, solutions that increase sustainability during living, guidance for residents, and the opportunity to compensate for the remaining carbon footprint. This way we can minimize the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle of the building.

Read more about sustainability
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