Technical Lead

Join Newil&Bau! We are looking for a tech lead with a founder attitude. The easy part is that the company already exists and has a healthy business and ambitious plans. Currently, there are 16 people in the team, and the project portfolio amounts to 400 million. The opportunity is that when it comes to technology, nothing is set in stone.

What are we about to build?

Newil&Bau is a technology-driven consumer product company that provides beautiful and sustainable living experiences for urban dwellers. We offer elegantly designed, climate-neutral Newil&Bau branded homes in hand-picked locations and a service platform for curated services and buyer resources.

That is what we say in our vision statement. The service platform is where you come in. We want to provide a first-class digital customer journey that ranges from dreaming and apartment customization all the way to the everyday living experience. Think about all the possibilities that exist when you bring curated services and smart home technologies together in a seamless way.

Currently, the digital services in this industry either do not exist or leave a lot to be desired. We want to change this and create something as cool as the homes we offer.

What do we need from you?

What is your tech stack? What about cloud strategy? CI/CD pipeline? Surely you have figured out your devops approach? 

Good questions – and we expect you to have dozens more. Further, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a lead in figuring out the answers. We don’t have any strict requirements for your background but there are certain criteria we’d hope you meet:

  • You should be able to create a sound technical architecture based on our business needs. You have seen both legacy and modern tech stacks and have your own idea of how things should be built.
  • You should be comfortable with writing actual code. We are still a small team so we all need to be hands-on at this stage.
  • Recruiting, mentoring, and coaching your team members is an important part of this job. We hope you see this as an opportunity.
  • Knowing Finnish is useful but not mandatory.

Why is this a good opportunity?

We have been consultants before and we know what it is like. This time around, we want to create something better and more meaningful. For our customers, it is about improving their everyday lives. For society, it is about building a more beautiful and sustainable city. For ourselves, it is about creating a place to work where excellent people can thrive and grow.

To sum up:   

  • You get to build something lasting
  • There is no legacy to worry about
  • We make sure you get a competitive salary
  • You have the opportunity to mentor younger team members and grow as a leader
  • You get to work alongside top-notch designers
  • This is not a construction company but a consumer product company focused on creating an optimal living experience
  • The company is filled with young and ambitious people who get stuff done
  • We have an ambitious, international expansion plan.

Interested? Act now!

Do get in touch and let’s discuss more. Also, if you found this interesting but feel that you don’t yet tick all the boxes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s see if there would be a role that suits you better.

We interview people all the time and move fast, so it’s a good idea to contact us first and worry about your portfolio later. Contact Matias Pietilä (CPO) to get started.

matias.pietila@newilbau.fi, tel. +358505060201

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