N&B Mortgage

Created with Finnish banks, N&B Mortgage offers a financial solution that is safer, more flexbile and cheaper than a traditional housing company mortgage.

Shortcut to a new home

We challenge the traditional housing company mortgage

It's the biggest investment decision you are likely to make, so you'd better have a smart financing solution.

15% down payment

With N&B Mortgage you need less initial equity to purchase an apartment

At the time of closing the deal, you only need to pay the down payment that you agree with N&B partner bank, starting from 15% of the free-of-debt price. The final down payment amount is decided by the bank based on their consideration. If you are buying your first apartment, it is possible to get a down payment amount as low as 10%.

N&B Mortgage benefits

Challenging the traditional housing company mortgage

N&B Mortgage offers these benefits when compared to a traditional housing company mortgage:

  • Lower down payment (starting from 15%)
  • Low monthly instalment thanks to a loan period of up to 30 years
  • Margin starting at 0.5%
  • Construction period without interest and fees
  • Possibility of interest cap or repayment-free periods if life situation changes

Safer than a traditional housing company mortgage

In a N&B home each shareholder is responsible only for their own loan

A housing company mortgage is a traditional method that has been used to make buying a new home more accessible. However, there are downsides to it. Margins for such loans are typically more expensive than personal loans. This can be seen in more expensive housing company fees. In addition, the buyer of the home, as a shareholder, is also responsible for the loans of other partners if things get tough. With the rise in interest rates, these risks are back on the table. There is no housing company loan in new N&B properties, so each shareholder is only responsible for their own loan.

TrustworthinessTrustworthy and flexible financing

Reliable partner banks

Our partners Aktia and Handelsbanken

We are partnering with Aktia and Handelsbanken for N&B Finance. Aktia works as a partner in Lehtisaari Terassi and Meander. Handelsbanken is 76&Piha's financing partner.

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