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N&B App

N&B homes are full of services that make life easier. Our mobile app makes using them effortless.

N&B App

All features in one place

In a Newil&Bau home, you don't need to use numerous different applications and portals to get the most out of your new home. All important features are gathered in one easy-to-use app. The app will be available for the upcoming N&B destinations.

Book services in an appBook services

Reservation calendar

Book spaces & services

With the app, you can easily book shared spaces and services. You can book e.g. shared bicycle or a place in the remote working space. Where needed, you will automatically get an access code that lets you open the door to the booked space during your reservation.

Available services vary based on the destination.

You can see the bulletins from the housing company and send messagesHousing company communication

Communication with housing company

All the communication in one place

With the N&B application, you stay on top of the housing company's communications. Messages from the property manager and the housing association's board can be sent centrally to one place, and you can get a notification on your phone if you want. You can also easily make service requests directly through the application.

Community building can happen in digital messaging boardDigital message board


Communicate with your neighbors with a digital notice board

In N&B locations, the messy notice board in the lobby has been replaced by a convenient and stylish digital screen. You can send messages through the application that are visible to other residents both on the screen and in the application. This way, the N&B application provides a natural basis for the commonality of the residents.

Habitant's guide collects all the important information about your apartment in one placeDigital home information folder

Home folder

Never lose important documents

House documents, contact information, appliance manuals – there is no shortage of documents when buying a new home. N&B app provides you with easy access to the materials whenever you need them.

Impressive entranceSafe locks

Open doors

Let your guests in safely

Sharing static door codes with outsiders like guests and couriers is a safety issue and hence often forbidden. With the N&B app, you can easily create door codes for your guests that are only valid for a limited time.

Coming later

Easy-to-use smart home

Our smarthome product lets you control your home without additional tinkering. These features will be included in the apartments published in 2023 and details will be clarified later.

N&B Smart home

A safe, standards-based solution

N&B smart home is based on open standards and solutions by well-known vendors. All the basic features can be used by traditional wall switches but you can create more advanced configurations in the application.

The smart home is connected with building automation which enables more control over heating and ventilation control.

We will tell you more about the functionality when we launch the first 2023 destination.

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